Hi, I'm Brian


I travel around in this Honda Element


My goal? To photograph wildlife and create content for businesses all over America


Why am I doing this...

I'm doing this for the love of life. We're lost. We live unfulfilling lives. 70% of Americans are unhappy. That's crazy. Mostly folks are to scared to be happy. It takes risk and naturally we don't want to take them. But really you're risking your happiness. 

I've looked back at my life and slowly realized I've never really fit in anywhere. I've never been part of the cool group in school, not even in my own family. I'm okay with that. In high school I did my best to be different and not follow the norms of life, just seemed natural to me. 

I did go to college, put myself into debt, found myself in relationships etc. Normal life right? After a while it was just unfulfilling. I had all these things I was told I needed to have to be an adult and I still found myself, not happy. House, multiple cars, multiple businesses, never worried about money, no kids, WHY WAS I NOT HAPPY. 

I don't dream of having millions of dollars, or being famous. I don't dream of a comfortable life with a clear path.

(Even a clear path has it's bumps, you think that job you're at cares about you? Nothing is secure, we're all replaceable)

I don't dream of all the things most people want. We're all different, we all have crazy dreams in life but we're to scared to go get it.

(I've figured out how to beat it, which I can show you as well)

 I use to see people post quotes with those sayings on it, chase your dreams, if you want it go get it, etc. I use to envy the people who lived a life of travel and allure. I took the leap to join those folks, and let me tell you. It's not scary, there's nothing to be afraid of. Literally ANYONE can do it. BUT, you have to do it in your way. I've even met whole families traveling full time, kids, dogs n all. No excuse not to live a life YOU want. You don't have to travel full time. It could be as simple as just relocating to a different state to be by the ocean or mountains. 

Money? There is a million jobs online that you can do remotely and with the rapid growth of new companies there are jobs ALL OVER AMERICA. We have the INTERNET, or the way I look at it, FREEDOM. You can be ANYWHERE in the world and have the internet to make money. In most cases, if you play your cards right, you don't need a lot of money. (Also can show you how)

I don't know where my life is gonna go and that's okay, did most of the people before us know what was going to happen? NOPE, they got on boats and traveled across the fucking ocean with no technology and yet here you are. Did you think the Natives knew their lives wouldn't change forever? NOPE.  NOTHING IS CERTAIN. Everything will change and you have to embrace it. Life is only getting easier, might be hard to believe but I'll convince you otherwise. This ride will come to an end one day, live it up. 

As you can tell I get a little passionate about life haha, literally YOLO. I know there are people out there that want to live a different life but are to scared or just don't know where to start. I'm here for you, it doesn't cost money, send me an email and I'll help you. I find fulfillment serving others, and you will too.  

Lets be friends

Ready to change your life?